Health, Safety and Environment

HSE Department establishes HSEQ policies and procedures required for the execution of all the activities at TTE O&M meeting quality requirements and in a safe & environmental responsible manner and in compliance to all legal requirements. HSE Department coordinates the development and implementation of Integrated Management System (IMS) as per AD EHSMS RF Version 2.0, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Standards which describes all the procedures to be followed in TTE O&M.

Safety at tteom

The Site Safety Orientation is being provided to all persons working for TTE O&M, including contractors and visitors before proceeding for the assigned responsibilities. Work permit is the most important administrative control for the safe execution all maintenance activities. Emergency Management is one of the most important aspect at TTE O&M. HSE Department coordinates the review of Emergency Response Procedure and facilities at regular intervals to ensure readiness for Emergency Management. As part of HSEQ Monitoring Testing and Inspection, HSE department coordinate / conduct Work Place Inspection regularly.

ISO-14001: 2004,
ISO 9001-2008
OHSAS 18001:2007

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of safety

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We take our responsibilities seriously

At TTEOM, one of our main objectives is to nurture respect for the environment by ensuring each process and function follows sustainable principles. Environmental protection is a vital aspect of TTEOM’s HSEQ policy that is aligned to the expectations of our stakeholders. By helping protect our planet, we create positive business value by effectively managing risks to deliver enhanced returns to the society at large.

Every division invests time and effort to reduce risks and consistently strive to minimize our carbon footprint to create a favorable impact on the environment. We have developed and implemented an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001-2004 to ensure that we conform to all regulatory requirements.

Some of the initiatives we have in place include frequent monitoring of the plant air emissions through a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) installed in our boiler stacks. Through constant evaluation, any deviations or unusual patterns are investigated in order appropriate measures can be developed and preventive measures can be applied against future risks. We utilize third party monitoring to audit and assess our CEMS to enhance our efficiency levels and boost sustainability measures.

We also ensure the routine monitoring of water discharges to the outfall channel and mixing zone are routinely performed to identify any issues. All monitoring is in compliance with various Power Water Purchase Agreements (PWPA) that follow local and national regulations.

We diligently report our environmental performance against UAE Federal Law (24), Environmental license requirements of Environmental agency, Abu Dhabi, Power Water Purchase Agreement (PWPA), and our partners Total and Engie.

Our HSE objectives are identified and implemented on an annual basis to reduce costs, minimize wastage and improve overall efficiency that enable us to realize our potential as an organization.


We have also enforced a strict policy on the correct handling and disposal of waste materials in a responsible and ecologically sensitive manner. All waste generated from our operational and maintenance activities are rigorously tracked until the final disposal using an internal tracking program and the Center of Waste Management Waste Manifest. All waste is disposed through environmental service providers approved and authorized by the Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi.


The Chemistry Section at TTEOM is headed by a chief chemist and supported by two chemical engineers (UAE Nationals). The Chemistry Section is responsible for the overall chemical control of the plant and its safe and reliable performance. This department advises, monitors and optimizes the dosing regimes through accurate and timely quality control checks.

All onsite analytical jobs are carried out using support staff, hired through a service provider and offsite analysis and third party stack emission monitoring are done onsite and outsourced to Al Futtaim Bodycote Material Testing Services under a service contract. Both onsite and offsite analysis ensure maximum efficiency and maintain the highest standards at all times.


The water quality is a vital factor for optimum performance and is an indicator of our operational ability. The quality of potable water produced at our station is always maintained well within the Regulation and Supervision Bureau (RSB) water quality requirements and PWPA. This is achieved by regular and real-time monitoring of the quality parameters and the dosing regimes.

The bromate values conform to the WHO standard and all RSB requirements in drinking water are maintained by the usage of Hypochlorite produced from pure salt.