The Project

In connection with the July 17, 1999 request for proposals issued by the Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA), the consortium of Total S.A. and Tractebel S.A.(now ENGIE), was selected by ADWEA to implement the Taweelah A1 Generation and Desalination Project in Abu Dhabi. The scope of the project included, among other things:

The formation of Gulf Total Tractebel Power Company (the "A1 Project Company") which is owned indirectly by ADWEA (60%), Total (20%) and ENGIE (20%).

The purchase by the A1 Project Company of the existing Taweelah A1 gas-fired electricity and desalination plant with a gross capacity of 255MW and 29.2MIGD (the "Existing Plant").

The refurbishment, rehabilitation, upgrading, extension, testing and recommissioning of the Existing Plant (the Plant Extension and, together with the Existing Plant, the A1 Plant) to a total net capacity of 1,350MW and 84MIGD.

The construction of two new access roads to the jetty (the "New A1 Shared Facilities").

The operation and maintenance of the A1Plant and sale of the A1 Plant's electrical capacity and output and water desalination capacity and output to Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company("ADWEC") for a period extending to 20 years after Project Commercial Operation Date ("PCOD").

On Feb 7, 2007 GTTPC ((the “A1 Project Company”) signed agreement with procurer (ADWEC) to further develop and implement the A10 Extension project. After construction of A10 extension the Taweelah A1 project total net capacity become 1592 MW and 84 MIGD.

Construction of the plant

Construction of the Plant Extension and operation of the A1 Plant was carried out by the Turnkey Contractor and the O&M Contractor owned and supported by the International Sponsors on a 50%/50% several basis. The technology employed by the Projects is General Electric (GE) 9E gas turbines for power generation and Sidem's MED units for seawater desalination.

MUSD 1640Total project outlay

1590 MwhCapacity Power

84 MIGDCapacity Water

Babcock Borsing Power, the original contractor and maintenance provider for the Existing Plant and Sidem, the provider of the desalination technology for the Existing Plant, were retained as primary sub-contractors by the turnkey Contractor for construction of the power and desalination aspects of the plant extension. GE was retained as a primary sub-contractor for the long-term maintenance of the gas turbines. The total projected financing requirements for the project are US$1,640 million.

Power Plant

Power block of Taweelah A1 consist of 10 Gas turbines, 10 HRSG and 3 Steam turbines. The total gross power output is 1672.5 MW.

Initially three GE 9E series GTs were installed at Taweelah A1 in 1989, and refurbished in 2001/02. Five GE 9e Series GTs were installed in 2002/03 as part of A1 Extension. Two more GE 9E series GTs were installed as part of A10 extension project in 2009.

10 supplementary fired HRSG fitted to the exhaust of each gas turbine. The HRSG are single pressure, natural circulation with a horizontal gas flow.

Three Alstom back pressure steam turbines were installed at Taweelah A1 in 2002/03.

AL TAWEELAH POWER & Desalination Complex

Al Taweelah power and desalination complex is located approximately 50km to the north east of the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 10 km off the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway, and approximately half-way between the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The power plant is ideally situated on a projection of land jutting into the sea that allows for intake and discharge of large volumes of sea water. In 1981, the President of the UAE, H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, personally selected the site for the establishment of a power plant. Since then, the site has been developed for the installation of 3,000MW of power and 300MIGD of water.


Three conventional MSF desalination units were installed at Taweelah A1 in 1989 and a fourth unit added in 1994, all by sidem. These units were rehabilitated and upgraded between 2001/02 to each give 8.0 MIGD distillate output.

MED Units:

Fourteen MED units were installed at Taweelah A1 facility in 2002 by sidem each giving 3.77 MIGD distillate output.