14th Annual Gala Dinner at The Park Hyatt Hotel & Villas

GTTPC & TTEOM held their 14th Annual Gala Dinner and Celebration of the 47th UAE National Day at Park Hayat Hotel & Villas, Sadiyaat Island, Abu Dhabi, on Wednesday, 28th November 2018. The program was well attended by most of the family members and children of GTTP & TTEOM employees. The ceremony was also attended by our Chairman, Dr. ….. and ……


UAE Traditional Dance performed by a Local Group and Staff of TTEOM during the 14th Annual Gala.


Certificates of Achievement presented to the members of the 2nd UAE Nationals Shift.


Guests of Honor and Senior Management of GTTP and TTEOM.


47th UAE National Day Celebrations – 26th-27th November 2018

TTEOM UAE national’s employees express their love for their country and pride to celebrate 47 years of prosperity and success, thanks to the visions and spirit of our great UAE leaders.


And thanks to everyone who participated in this celebration.


A mini- Museum in TCR showing some artifacts and traditional items from the recent past


A mini- Museum in TCR showing some artifacts and traditional items from the recent past

Achievement – 2nd UAE Nationals shift

TTEOM Management and Operations team has completed the UAE Nationals training program which saw the start of an ALL UAE Nationals Operation Shift operate independently on 21st June 2018


Members of the 2nd UAE National Shift with Senior Management of GTTP and TTEOM.

Farewell our HSE Manager Mr. Raphi


Mr Raphi with Senior Management of GTTP

During the 14th Annual Gala, Mr Raphi Ahmed, HSE Manager, was presented with a gift from the Management of GTTP and TTEOM in honor of his exceptional Service in Taweela A1 Plant over the last 30 years. Mr Raphi was honored in a number of Farewell Parties in December 2018 where his service history was fondly remembered  and Appreciation shown by the Management and Staff of GTTP and TTEOM. 31st December 2018 was the last working day for Mr Raphi due to his retirement.