To be a prominent and successful company within the industry renowned for respecting the environment by applying safe practices and a sustainable approach in order to deliver excellent results.


TTEOM is dedicated to providing reliable and stable world-class energy solutions by harnessing state-of-the-art technology and expertise to achieve optimum results and profits for our shareholders. By working with our visionary stakeholders, we aim to create new benchmarks of the highest standards in the region.


Comply with safety &environmental standard of the mother companies. Maximize the summer availability for power and avoid penalties for power and water. Be a reliable partner. Long term/sustainable vision, taking in account the contract duration.


We always go for the highest performance.


We commit to the highest standards. We always maintain a climate of trust and act as a shield against corruption.


We dare to take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve services and performance. Anything can be done provided it is prepared for carefully. Everyone is responsible and accountable for his actions.


We mobilize our strengths in a spirit of team work.


Listening to the others needs and expectations. This helps all of us to improve and come to more effective solutions.

Management Team